Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to side for the new format

Hey guys its been forever since I last blogged but lets get to it.

Machina Gadgets

2x Pulling the Rug
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Mind Crush
2x Trap Hole
2x Gottoms' Emergency Call
2x Crevice into the Different Dimension
3x Nobleman of Crossout
2x Trap Stun

Mirror Matches are one of the toughest matches for machina players since your 1-1 cards dont mean anything and thats where Pulling the Rug comes in. It shuts down opposing Gadgets and Gearframes and completely destroys the Gadget deck thinning and its also a great side against Monarch decks.

Cyber Dragon allows you to take control against mirror matches by fusing every enemy machine monster for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon and its a beater against stun and Gladiator Beasts.

Mind Crush devastates Gadget Mirror matches and it comes in handy against Infernity sometimes.

The Trap Hole is sided in against both Blackwings, but also Gladiator Beasts and anti meta decks. All those decks rely heavily on normal summoning that it hurts to their consistency to keep field presence.

Gottoms' Emergency Call saves you from tight situations against X-Saber players by taking their Faultroll plays or by simply chaining your E-Call to theirs.

Crevice from the DD allows you to handle explosive decks like Lightsworn and Infernities and it hurts a little more now that Reborn is legal again.

Triple Nobleman of Crossout hits Quickdraw decks where it hurts most. Without their Rykos thy cant simply win without loading their graveyard.

Double Trap Stuns come in and come in against everything except lightsworns.

Well thats it for today laters.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gold Series 3

So theres supposedly an "official" list out in Yugioh Wikia. I really dont trust that site but its all I have to work with right now so let me review the set. And the list has no references so dont let this go to your head and think its 100% legit.

•GLD3-FR001- Mist Valley Watcher
•GLD3-FR002- vice dragon(gold)
•GLD3-FR003- Amazoness Paladin
•GLD3-FR004- Amazoness fighter
•GLD3-FR005- Amazoness swordswoman
•GLD3-FR006- Amazoness blowpiper
•GLD3-FR007- Amazoness Tiger
•GLD3-FR008- Destiny Hero Malicious
•GLD3-FR009- Freya, the spirit of victory
•GLD3-FR010- Nova Summoner
•GLD3-FR011- Exploder Dragon(gold)
•GLD3-FR012- Goblin Zombie
•GLD3-FR013- Elemental Hero Prisma (gold)
•GLD3-FR014- Dimensional Alchemist (gold)
•GLD3-FR015-Judgement Dragon (gold)
•GLD3-FR016- Amazoness Chain Master
•GLD3-FR017- Mezuki(gold)
•GLD3-FR018- Plaguespreader zombie (gold)
•GLD3-FR019- Thunder King Rai-Oh(gold)
•GLD3-FR020- Blackwing - Gale the Hurricane (gold)
•GLD3-FR021- Blackwing - Bora the Spear
•GLD3-FR022- Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn
•GLD3-FR023- Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North
•GLD3-FR024- Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame
•GLD3-FR025- Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow
•GLD3-FR026- Infernity archfiend (gold)
•GLD3-FR027- Infernity dwarf
•GLD3-FR028- Infernity guardian
•GLD3-FR029- Reese the ice mistress
•GLD3-FR030- numbing grub of the ice barrier
•GLD3-FR031- Mist Condor
•GLD3-FR032-Mist Valley Windmaster
•GLD3-FR033- worm falco
•GLD3-FR034- worm gulse
•GLD3-FR035- worm hope
•GLD3-FR036- worm jeteklips
•GLD3-FR037- Stardust Dragon (gold - synchro)
•GLD3-FR038- Blackwing - Armor master (gold - synchro)
•GLD3-FR039- Blackwing - Armed wing (gold - synchro)
•GLD3-FR040- MST(gold)
•GLD3-FR041- My Body as a Shield(gold)
•GLD3-FR042- smashing ground(gold)
•GLD3-FR043- enemy controller(gold)
•GLD3-FR044- d draw
•GLD3-FR045- black whirlwind
•GLD3-FR046- Amazoness archer
•GLD3-FR047- dramatic rescue
•GLD3-FR048- magical arm shield
•GLD3-FR049- Icarus Attack (gold)
•GLD3-FR050- Aegis of gaia

So Vice Dragons is finally officially released in the TCG and it should make Dragon Players happier. To me the cards is mediocre as I have no use for it. Exploder Dragon wasn't really expensive but it was hard to come by and it should make Disaster Dragon easier to build but the deck is still horrible.

Elemental Hero Prisma makes E-Hero fans rage as its previous outrageous price kept them from buying copies of it and it significantly lowers the cost of building GB decks. Dimensional Alchemist was currently a 5 dollar common and was necessary in any deck that removes a butt load of cards.

Judgment Dragon is reprinted again. Konami must really want to lower the price of a Lightsworn deck and his status as Gold Rare makes LS a little more appealing as the rest of the cards aren't expensive bar Lyla and Celestia. Mezuki was difficult to pull from PP2 and it was only 15 dollars. Now Konami decides is time to reprint the engine that made Zombies broken and if Mezuki does ever go to 2 then it should be easier to obtain along with Plaguespreader.

Thunderking Rai-Oh's were costly to obtain in sets of 3 and provides a good side deck card or main deck tech with an affordable price and expect a rise in Stun decks with Rai-Oh's reprint. Gale gets the foil treatment and makes Blackwing decks easier to bling out with Gold reprints of Icarus Attack, Armor Master, and Armed Wing.

Infernity Archfiend makes Infernity decks less costly but only by a little since Barriers are 60 each. But its a start if your making the deck. Stardust Dragons reprint as a Gold Rare officially makes it the Whore of Reprints but I see why Konami would put it on Gold Series 3. Its a staple in extra decks and its ridiculously high price before made it hard for kids who picked up the game through 5d's to obtain their characters favorite monster.

MST is another Staple that gets the Gold Treatment and I guess it makes some people happy. IDk but I dont want to pull like more than 5 MST's when I buy my case. My Body as a Shield finally gets the shine it deserves and its a format too late now with OTK decks and X-sabers owning the meta.

Smashing Ground gets a reprint in Gold as the Super version of the card was 0ver 40 dollars. Enemy Controllers were kind of hard to get but they're holo versions weren't difficult to obtain.

Remember this review is on the list on wikia. There's no guarantee that its 100% legit so dont go and sell your super Icarus Attack's. All right I'll be coming with more posts later on.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


So Infernity Gun is now called Infernity Launcher and Infernity Revenger is called Infernity Avenger. So Beetle is a rare. Launcher and Mirage look super and Inferno looks like a rare. Avenger looks like a rare. Doom dragon is obviously an ultra. I hate the names but if the rarities are like this then I will buy them all in one day!!!! Actually on the day of the Sneak Preview!!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Shining Darkness part 2

So X-Sabers seem to keep getting supports TCG exclusives. While Boggart Knight was decent the new card is crap. Saber Vault pumps up X-Saber attack points by 100 for each level they have. So Gottoms is a 4000 beater. Okay. It has no other effects and can easily destroyed since its a field card. I used to run X-Sabers and I would really like to toy with Boggart Knight but the Saber Vault is useless.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Shining Darkness

Yo peeps! It's been a while since I've last posted but I've been kind of busy. Well Konami has released info on one of the new exclusives for the TCG for The Shining Darkness. It's name is XX-Saber Boggart Knight. Its a crazy 1900 attack point monster that has a Marauding Captain special summoning effect exclusive for the X-Saber theme. Its downside is that you can only use it for a X-Saber Synchro but that's perfectly fine if you're playing X-Sabers. Also The Shining Darkness is bringing X-Saber Pashuul and X-Saber Palomuro both that were exclusive to the Duel Terminal and the OCG. Will X-Sabers become a tier one deck in The Shining Darkness? Only time will tell since no one has any idea what Konami is capable of.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yugioh and Math

They have more in common than you may believe. I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of plus 1's and minuses in their yugioh careers. If not then let me break it down.

A plus is something that was added to your over all card presence. A minus means you lost an extra card worth of card presence.

For example. A typical plus 1 in a Lightsworn deck is Wulf and Garoth. Both add cards to your economy while doing relatively nothing. Lets say you have six cards with your field and hand combined. And you control a Lumina and Garoth. At endphase lets say Lumina mills nothing important but Garoth mills a Wulf. Wulf will special summon itself onto the field and Garoth will let you draw one card from your deck as a result of milling a Lightsworn. Now your card economy should be 8. You are now 2 cards ahead of your opponent had this been the first turn of the duel and the duel should be in your favor.

An example of a minus is when you trade of cards that leaves you with a worse economy than your opponent. Lets say my opponent has a Shura on the field with a set Icarus attack. Let's say I special summon a Cyber Dragon and I have a set Trap Stun. We both control 6 cards in our economy. I attack Shura with Cydra. My opponent responds with Icarus attack tributing Shura and targeting Cydra and Trap Stun. If I respond with Trap Stun my opponent will not be able to destroy my Cydra. Now his total card economy is 4 while mine is 5. All because my opponent expected a 2-2 trade off and I messed that up by using one card to nullify a 2-2 trade.

An even trade is usually expressed in terms of how many cards you used to rid your opponent of cards. Lets say My opponent controls 2 Judgment Dragons and nothing else. And I control 2 cards in my economy. If I use Lightning Vortex to dispatch the 2 monsters then I have clearly created a 2-2 trade off. I spent 2 cards to get rid of 2 cards. Now If my opponent had 3 Judgment Dragons then clearly he would be cheating but lets say for educational purposes he does have 3 of them on the field. And I have 3 cards worth of economy. If I use Lightning Vortex I effectively created a minus for my opponent while since I used up 2 cards to get rid of 3.

1 for 1's are even easier to understand. It's simply one card is used to rid one other. 1 for 1 cards can only take out 1 card no matter what the situation is. Since when have you seen a Smashing Ground destroy 2 or more monsters? Never right? Good.

Well that's it for today. I'll start updating my blog more often now that I have more time. Check out my Youtube channel and subscribe to me!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tournament Report

Today I decided to enter a tournament at my locals. I haven't entered a tournament since Shonen Jump Los Angeles. I borrowed a Dimensional Eatos deck from my friend and entered with it. I went 2-3.

My first round I faced my teammate and he raped me with Icarus Attack game 1 and 3. He was playing Blackwings of course.

My second round opponent was a friend of mine who seemed to be playing DivaDad or some Absolute Zero build. Not really sure. Dimensional Fissure and D.D. Survivors wrecked his field.

My third round opponent was running monarchs and he kept getting rid of my D-Fissures with them. I didn't draw my Skill Drains.

My fourth Round opponent didn't show. Sad face.

My fifth round opponent was running Counter Fairies. He main decked triple Fissure and triple Smashing Ground. Since the deck ran little monsters I got pwned. He magic Drained my Gemini Sparks!!!!

Oh well. Had fun. Got some cards for my Infernity deck. Next week is regionals. I hope they get me to judge. If they don't then I'll probably play. I'm going to be running my GB deck with 3 Starlight Road. They come out on Tuesday but I'm getting them tomorrow!!

Till next time!

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