Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to side for the new format

Hey guys its been forever since I last blogged but lets get to it.

Machina Gadgets

2x Pulling the Rug
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Mind Crush
2x Trap Hole
2x Gottoms' Emergency Call
2x Crevice into the Different Dimension
3x Nobleman of Crossout
2x Trap Stun

Mirror Matches are one of the toughest matches for machina players since your 1-1 cards dont mean anything and thats where Pulling the Rug comes in. It shuts down opposing Gadgets and Gearframes and completely destroys the Gadget deck thinning and its also a great side against Monarch decks.

Cyber Dragon allows you to take control against mirror matches by fusing every enemy machine monster for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon and its a beater against stun and Gladiator Beasts.

Mind Crush devastates Gadget Mirror matches and it comes in handy against Infernity sometimes.

The Trap Hole is sided in against both Blackwings, but also Gladiator Beasts and anti meta decks. All those decks rely heavily on normal summoning that it hurts to their consistency to keep field presence.

Gottoms' Emergency Call saves you from tight situations against X-Saber players by taking their Faultroll plays or by simply chaining your E-Call to theirs.

Crevice from the DD allows you to handle explosive decks like Lightsworn and Infernities and it hurts a little more now that Reborn is legal again.

Triple Nobleman of Crossout hits Quickdraw decks where it hurts most. Without their Rykos thy cant simply win without loading their graveyard.

Double Trap Stuns come in and come in against everything except lightsworns.

Well thats it for today laters.


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